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What is Capps?

AAT - Capps In Detail

AAT – Capps In Detail
There are 2 basic versions of Capps – CappsDMIS and CappsNC.
CappsDMIS is intended for use on CMMs as both an online and offline CMM software.
CappsNC is designed for use on NC machines to allow the programming of inspection routines in the familiar DMIS language.
That inspection program is automatically converted to G-Code and posted to the NC machine tool. The NC machine tool then carries out the inspection and returns the data to CappsNC for analysis and reporting.
Both CappsDMIS and CappsNC share the same interface, and programming in either share common language.
Capps can be installed on CMMs, NC machines as well as Renishaw™ Equator, manual CMMs and portable arm CMMs.
CappsDMIS supports standard touch probes, Renishaw™ 5-axis probe heads with PH20 and Revo, as well as various non-contact laser heads.
CappsNC supports numerous machine probing technologies such as Renishaw™, BLUM, Marposs, Heidenhein , as well as non-contact laser scanning probes.

Powerful, Yet Easy to Use Interface

Capps 8.0 release

In the upcoming Capps 8.0 release, an entirely new clean & efficient interface has been created to make navigation much quicker & easier.
As many people are familiar with ribbon interfaces in Microsoft Office; for example, this make using Capps that much more intuitive.
The ribbon interface helps you keep focused by organizing related functions into tabs on the ribbon bar. This organization reduces the need to go to multiple locations in the software to accomplish a task.

New & Improved CAD Engine

New & improved CAD engine

New & improved CAD engine with better graphics and multiple simultaneous views.

Comprehensive Tolerancing and GD&T

GD&T tab

The GD&T tab in the ribbon contains full dimensioning and GD&T in one location.
Everything from a simple distance to a complex Composite Profile tolerance is only a click away.

Extensive Alignment Options

Extensive alignment options

Extensive alignment options are a click away.
Everything from simple alignment setups and 3-2-1 alignments to more complex 3D Best-Fit alignments are all available in an intuitive, easy to use interface.

Full Reporting Capabilities

Capps Text Report

Both traditional textural reports and graphical reports can be quickly and easily generated.

graphical report

Full NC Machine Tool Integration

Full NC Machine Tool Integration

With CappsNC, your NC machine can measure just like a CMM.
CappsNC allows programs to be written in the same Capps software interface using the same DMIS code, but can be executed on your NC machine tool through CappsNC.
When the DMIS based Capps program is posted to the NC machine it is automatically translated to G-code to allow the existing NC controller to execute the inspection program on the NC machine.

Multi-machining operations can be checked at each step

There are many important advantages to utilizing CappsNC on your machine tools:
• No need to remove the part from the fixture / machine; thus, reducing inspection time and machine down time by having to take the part to the quality lab for inspection.
• rather than after the final step allowing immediate correction to take place.
• Instant metrology feedback can be used for bi-directional communication between CappsNC and the NC machine controller allowing instant machine adjustments; thus, reducing scrap and improving machining efficiency.

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