CappsNC Version 8


CappsNC software provides a CAM style offline programming environment with realistic machine tool virtual model simulation capabilities, automatic path generation with collision avoidance, and complete geometrical fitting and tolerancing functionality.
Multi-View graphics provides a UI programming environment to make it very easy to create programs for any machine tool configuration. Once the program is generated, CappsNC can connect with most machine tool controllers with a real time direct interface. A G-Code program is created from the DMIS program so that the machine tool can be used to measure in the same manner as regular cutting programs by the operator or by an automation cycle. A live 3D simulation is displayed in CappsNC graphics and calculations are performed as soon as data is collected. The calculated metrology characteristics, such as best-fitting a data set to a CAD model, are used as a part of the on-the-fly decision making and written back to the machine tool controller as a part of the adaptive machining cycle.
CappsNC is a complete multi-sensor software that uses its own generated macros and does not require any OEM generated macros. This allows CappsNC to be probe brand independent and can work with existing probes available on the machine. CappsNC can also work with different probe types including the following:
Kinematic Probes: CappsNC generates vector-based calibration to compensate for any lobing errors caused by the kinematic triggering mechanisms of these probes.
Strain Gage Probes: Automatic calibration cycles are generated to calculate probe run-outs, effective radius, and 5-axis head offset errors. This not only eliminates the need to independently preset the probes, but it allows to quickly check any 5-axis head misalignment of the machine. Analog Probes: Automatic contact scanning paths are generated for any geometrical, curved, or surface measurement such as airfoil or gear profiles. Advanced data filters and automatic comparison to CAD models with 3D best-fit algorithms allows quick calculation of characteristics for on machine automatic decision making.
Blue Light Laser Sensors: CappsNC has advanced point cloud collection functionality to manage the high-density data created by using a laser line sensor. Laser scan programs are automatically generated by converting NC cutting programs or directly from CAD models. Automatic geometric feature extraction provides very quick data analysis for reporting or G-Code program adaptation to the actual part shape.

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