Capps - Industry 4.0


Full metrology feedback for true Industry 4.0 Adaptive Manufacturing

AAT & Industry 4.0

A High-End metrology platform like CappsNC can perform all CMM tasks directly on a CNC machine.
CappsNC uses a separate PC that is connected to the NC machine tool. This dedicated PC performs all of the measurement calculations.
CappsNC is utilized to create complete measurement programs offline in familiar DMIS language with collision avoidance and program simulations.
As soon as features are measured, CappsNC can calculate results compliant to ISO and ANSI standards and use that data to provide direct feedback to the manufacturing process.

AAT's Industry 4.0 philosophy is not to determine if the part is good or bad as this is reactive instead of proactive.
Rather, our goal is to be proactive; improving the process by capturing data quickly and directly from the NC source.
CappsNC converts metrology data into manufacturing parameters in real-time by smart systems. CappsNC uses closed-loop real-time feedback to adapt the manufacturing process and store metrology data in a database to create big manufacturing distributed metrology data. The ability to automatically produce metrology data on the NC machine tool with a CMM software is essential for adaptive machining and Industry 4.0.

Metrology data gathered from the part being machined is converted into useful machining parameters. CappsNC can feed this data back to the NC controller to help the machining process adapt to changing conditions. This closed loop metrology feedback enables ’Smart Machining’ to automatically control the machining process and produce good parts regardless of changing conditions.
Regardless of machining and environmental factors, CappsNC can dynamically correct the machining processes using a ’cut-measure-cut concept’ to always produce good parts while minimizing cost and effort.
Metrology data is an indicator of every factor that effects manufacturing, thus our concept measures and stores all metrology data gathered from NC manufacturing.
This real-time metrology data is converted into relevant manufacturing parameters and used to adjust the NC manufacturing process by enabling the quick search of cases from previous data to make comparative & predictive decisions.
We predict future changes in the NC machining process and take precautions against them, rather than react to them after the process has gone out of control.

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