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Quality Assurance

We can help develop the best measurement strategy for your parts. Our AAT Services & Support CMM experts can help resolve most challenging metrology questions, develop inspection plans, and help develop your measurement programs in native DMIS language for our CappsDMIS CMM software

AAT Services & Support Manufacturing


With AAT Services & Support we offer machine tool commissioning to prepare your machine to perform accurate measurement tasks to help your manufacturing cycle. We can develop part inspection programs in CappsNC that can be integrated into your automated manufacturing cycle or executed by the operator.

AAT Services & Support Automation


Our suite of software products and experienced engineers can help you design an automation cycle that includes dimensional measurement. By interfacing the machine tools with measurement devices or with part moving devices such as robots, we can help you develop a completely automated and Adaptive Manufacturing system.

AAT Services & Support Training


Our AAT Services & Support experienced engineers offer CappsNC or CappsDMIS training at one of our facilities or at your facility.
Training is customized to suit your needs.
Web training is also offered.

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