Applied Automation Technologies Software Applications for Smart Machining

AAT CappsDMIS CMM Metrology SOftware

Applied Automation Technologies Software Applications packages can be used throughout your manufacturing process, whether it be dimensional inspection in the Quality Assurance lab with a Renishaw Revo probe head on a CMM with CappsDMIS software or on a machine tool with a non-contact laser for on-machine metrology with CappsNC software.

Applied Automation Technologies Software Applications CappsDMIS & CappsNC help to integrate and automate dimensional metrology to become a seamless part of your manufacturing process rather than a bottleneck.

In the Quality Assurance lab CappsDMIS can be used on just about every CMM by using AAT’s flexible AAT_RMI to interface with existing controllers, thus avoiding the time and expense of a CMM controller retrofit.

The very same CappsDMIS interface and DMIS programming language can be used on NC machine tools with CappsNC to allow your NC machine to not only cut chips, but to performing on-machine metrology to inspect the part without the need to remove the part from the machine.

AAT CappsNC on-machine tool probing software
AAT CappsDMIS CMM software

The Benefits of On-Machine Metrology

By using an on-machine probing cycle to perform on-machine metrology, the entire machining process can be monitored and a “cut-measure-cut” approach can be performed to avoid scrap or rework.
In-process on-machine measurement results can be fed back to CappsNC software for immediate analysis and offsets applied, thus creating a full closed loop dynamic metrology system.
Some parts, such as composite materials can be very large resulting in extensive time spent fixturing the part for machining. If the part were to be removed, a similar fixture method would be required on an expensive large CMM. Portable arm inspections could be employed, but that requires manual operation of the portable arm, taking more time and resources than on-machine probing would require. NC machine tools are rigid and much more accurate than a portable arm, and the automated NC execution of an inspection program is much more repeatable than a manual inspection with a portable arm.
All of these benefits save time, resources and avoid scrap or rework – all combined to make a potentially large cost saving.

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