AAT Capps Videos with on-machine probing and CMM Metrology

Capps Videos on-machine probing and CMM metrology
CappsNC allows on-machine probing and/or scanning while CappsDMIS provides a full featured CMM software solution

AAT Capps videos showing CappsNC on-machine probing and CappsDMIS CMM Metrology

AAT Capps Videos with on-machine probing and CMM.
A brief Introduction to Applied Automation Technologies.
AAT was established in 1987, specializing in 3D metrology software for CMM applications and later on-machine probing applications

AAT Capps video showing on-machine probing cycle with a blue light laser scanner

AAT CappsNC On-machine Tool Laser Scanning of a Mockup Aerospace Stringer
CappsNC is popular throughout the aerospace industry for its ability to perform on-machine measurement with both contact and non-contact probing technologies

AAT Capps CMM metrology video showing CappsDMIS on an Equator

CappsDMIS With Equator
Not only can Capps perform on-machine measurement and conventional CMM metrology, it can also work extremely well with the Renishaw Equator

Capps Videos on-machine probing and CMM metrology showing the capabilities of CappsNC & CappsDMIS

AAT Capabilities
Some of the capabilities show in this video are:
Analog on-machine scanning with a Renishaw Sprint Probe, On-machine blue light laser scanning, CMM multi-sensor capability, On-machine probing & adaptive manufacturing with metrology feedback, Capps factory metrology solutions for Industry 4.0, Capps CAD based interface, Capps offline programming, CappsDMIS 5-axis scanning with a Renishaw Revo

CappsNC Kinematic Probe Spindle Indexing

CappsNC Kinematic Probe Spindle Indexing

CappsNC showing on-machine probing with kinematic probe spindle indexing to maximize on-machine probing flexibility.

Capps Videos on-machine probing on a DMG Mori DMU95

CappsNC On-machine Measurement on a DMG-MORI DMU95
CappsNC on-machine probing showing CappsNC multi-viewport capabilities, provide multiple simultaneous views of on-machine measurement. CappsDMIS also supports multiple viewports.

On-machine probing of a blisk on a DMG Mori DMU50

CappsNC measuring a blisk on a DMG Mori DMU50
Our AAT office in Rochester Hills, MI office now has a DMG Mori DMU50 for further on-machine metrology development and testing

Capps Videos on-machine probing using  a blue light laser for fast scanning with high point density point clouds

CappsNC Fast On-machine Laser Scanning
Additional CappsNC om-machine measurement capabilities with a Keyence blue light laser for fast, high point density point clouds.

Video of on-machine probing using a blue light scanning laser along with spindle indexing for multi-position on machine laser scanning

CappsNC On-machine Multi-position Laser Scanning
CappsNC laser scanning in multiple positions with an indexing spindle allowing much greater on-machine scanning opportunities.

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