CappsDMIS CMM Software

CappsDMIS Versions

CappsDMIS versions.
There are three versions of CappsDMIS to better suit your needs.
Select the version you need know. You can always upgrade as needed in the future.

CappsDMIS Versions – Powerfully Simple

CappsDMIS PS (“Powerfully Simple”) provides the “best bang for the buck” solution for tight budgets or lighter requirements while being “Powerfully Simple”.

Powerfully Simple can import CAD models of the part, but PS uses them for display and they are not interactive. PS supports all standard feature measurements in manual or DCC programs. It performs both automatic and manual calibration of both fixed and indexing heads (5-axis not supported). “Powerfully Simple” supports all basic construction methods and all basic alignments and all basic GD&T functions.

CappsDMIS writes DMIS through teaching and the TreeView. It does not have an Advanced DMIS Editor. Extensive reporting options, including graphical reports, are all supported.

AAT3D CappsDMIS Powerfully Simple

CappsDMIS Versions – Basic+

Basic+ is a complete CAD based dimensional metrology software.

Basic+ can measure parts with or without CAD models and can create full DMIS programs.

AAT3D CappsDMIS Basic+ is a great middle ground metrology software providing much of the abilities of CappsDMIS Advanced without advanced CAD tools.

CappsDMIS Basic + with Probe interface

CappsDMIS Versions – Advanced

CappsDMIS Advanced is AAT3D’s full featured dimensional metrology software solution.

Advanced can create programs either online or offline with complete simulation tools.

AAT3D CappsDMIS Advanced has advanced programming tools such as automatic collision detection and automatic clearance. These tools remove the tedium of programming. This leaves you able to concentrate on other measurement challenges that your part may present.

CappsDMIS displays the program in real time in either a simple tree view or in a DMIS editor. It can extract features from a CAD model and use those features to create automatic measurement paths. CappsDMIS simply records all action to your DMIS program.

You can use Direct CAD interfaces. CappsDMIS supports CATIA, UG, ProE, Parasolid, and VDA direct CAD interfaces (extra licensing required). Not only is CAD data graphically displayed in CappsDMIS but can also display CAD by layer in an interactive TreeView. You can mirror CAD models and alignments and export the resulting mirrors as IGES or STEP files.

CappsDMIS Advanced supports new items, such as 5-axis probing and scanning, laser scanners, and vision sensors. You can make graphical models for sensors in an easy-to-use interface.

CappsDMIS supports full analog scanning probe usage and calibration functions(scanning module extra). It has full support for Renishaw™ MCR, SCR, FCR and ACR change racks.

With extensive programming tools, a powerful CAD interface, advanced alignments, and complete ANSI/ISO compliant GD&T, CappsDMIS Advanced is your complete metrology application for CMMs.

CappsDMIS Advanced