CappsNC direct interface


Full CMM software functionality on NC

Works with DMIS language used by CMMs
True Calibration of probes to machine environment

True Calibration of probes to machine environmentTrue Calibration of probes to machine environmentTrue Calibration of probes to machine environment

Offline program with virtual machine models
Enables ‘Adaptive Manufacturing’ with Metrology Feedback
Real time execution

CappsNC direct interface


  • This method has all the features of the FILE method but does not rely on them. However, features of both could be used to optimize the process for best results.
  • CappsNC Programming System generates a measurement program
  • DMI: Nominal file: This is also the complete inspection program which includes everything about this program including tolerances, GD&T, coordinate system and reporting commands. This program is sent to the CappsNC-EM (Execution Module) that is connected to the NC controller.
  • CappsNC-EM can have all the machine metrology and calibration data. It can automatically post processes the DMIS program by incorporating the NC machine calibration data and upload it to the controller.
  • CappsNC-EM is connected to the NC via Ethernet cable. This allows a live interface with the machine tool.
  • As the machine tool runs the NC probing program, CappsNC-EM receives measurement data as they happen and generates a report of each feature as soon as they are measured.
  • This provides a live report generation in graphics and live feed of the report to other systems if necessary. A final inspection report is saved and sent to a pre-configured location such as server on the network.
  • Feedback to the NC controller is possible for adaptive manufacturing

Our Services

Quality Control

We can help develop the best measurement strategy for your parts. Our CMM experts can help you resolve most challenging metrology questions, develop inspection plans and help you develop your measurement programs in native DMIS language for our CappsDMIS CMM software.


We offer machine commissioning to prepare your machine to perform accurate measurement tasks which will help your manufacturing cycle.  We can develop part programs that will be integrated into your manufacturing cycle or executed by the operator. We can perform machine accuracy tests to make sure your machine works at the desired performance.

Offline Programming Services

Our CappsNC  and CappsDMIS offline programming systems can help you develop inspection plans, develop complete inspection programs and simulate to have the most confidence before using any time with the machine. With our virtual machine models and interactive simulation capabilities, we can help develop your programs before your parts are ready and your machine start manufacture them.


Our suite of software products and experienced engineers can help you design an automation cycle which includes dimensional measurement within the system. By interfacing the machine tools with measurement devices or with part moving devices such as robots, we can help you develop a completely automated and Adaptive Manufacturing system.

Data Reporting

Our CappsNC ad CappsDMIS software have excellent reporting functions which can be automated to generate graphical, textual and SPC reports automatically. Measurement results from different sources and sites can be merged and assembled into a single report. Our DataView software can import measurement results in real time from various measurement devices and display in a simple view for quick assessment. 


We offer training at customer site, at our site or over web customized for customer needs.

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