Welcome to Applied Automation Technologies

Welcome To Applied Automation Technologies.
AAT is a global technology software company with offices and representatives around the world.

Welcome to Applied Automation Technologies, we are a developer of universal metrology and automation software products for both on-machine metrology and CMM metrology as well as SPC and data gathering and management. Our products, CappsNC and CappsDMIS, allow programming of a both machine tool on-machine inspection and typical CMM inspection using a single common DMIS language. Applied Automation Technologies’ suite of software products is used by manufacturers of CMMS and machine tools and can be installed on existing CMMs and NC machine tools and can accommodate and wide range of CMM probing technologies as well as on-machine probes and scanning devices to be used in on-machine probing cycles.

AAT is committed to innovation and has long been the leader in developing metrology software UI/UX, system controller interfaces, and on-machine measuring software for closed-loop manufacturing with automatic metrology feedback for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

As markets begin recovering from the devastating COVID-19 global pandemic, Applied Automation Technologies and CAPPS NC is helping position manufacturing and machining customers to come back from our economic setbacks stronger than before. Collecting metrology data the through on-machine metrology probing, directly on the production equipment where parts are made enables the ability to adjust work offsets and other machining parameters automatically, thus producing higher-quality parts in much less time, all on equipment you already own. This, of course saves time, reduces scrap/rework which save you money.
CappsNC and CappsDMIS are getting you closer to Factory 4.0 without the need for extremely large investments.

Let Applied Automation Technologies show you how Metrology Solutions for Smart Manufacturing can make you a more powerful production operation.
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