AAT3D, leading the way in Smart Manufacturing for Aerospace
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Welcome To Applied Automation Technologies

Welcome To Applied Automation Technologies.

See how AAT3D can help meet your Factory 4.0 goals with Smart Manufacturing metrology.

Manufacturers are looking to implement systems that are fully collaborative and integrated, responding in real-time to the changing conditions and demands in the factory, as well as about the needs of the customer and the supply network.

AAT3D’s CappsNC Software lets you create measurement data directly on the machine tool and sharing that data with all manufacturing devices to ensure plants are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Mission Statement

Develop software products that utilizes metrology data to create closed loop, automated feedback, and adaptive systems to achieve smart manufacturing.

Ray Karadayi

Ray_Karadayi president & CEO of ATT3D
Ray Karadayi president & CEO of AAT3D