AAT3D Milestones

AAT3D Milestones

  • 2021

    AAT3D remains a fully independent, privately held software company and in 2022 will be celebrating AAT3D’s 35th year of delivering software solutions to the metrology and manufacturing worlds and will continue to do so as we remain focused on being the leader in innovation for metrology, quality assurance, and adaptive manufacturing systems.
  • 2020

    AAT begins re-branding and officially adopts the AAT3D name and adds a new logo.
  • 2016

    AAT moves to its current location in Rochester Hills, MI and starts the ‘Smart Machining Innovation Center’ with state-of-the-art metrology equipment, machine tools, sensors, and calibration tools.
  • 2015

    In addition to integrating non-contact laser scanning for CMM applications, blue light laser scanners were integrated into machine tools for in machine scanning. This enables fast data collection for the purpose of adapting CNC cutting programs to the actual measured part shape using NCFIT. Complete measurement reports can be created without lengthy interruptions to machining cycles. Laser applications range from aerospace to automotive to medical parts manufacturing.
  • 2014

    Created DVF ‘DataView & Feedback’ software to link all machines on the shop floor with a metrology server to enable factory wide closed loop AI for total lights-out manufacturing.
  • 2012

    The ‘NCFIT’ name is adapted for the CNC program to modify best fit option first used in aerospace manufacturing.
  • 2006

    CappsNC, first introduced in 1993, starts to be integrated in more machine tools to become a closed loop system for ‘Smart Machining with Metrology Feedback’ for precision machining applications, bringing CMM level metrology functionality to the CNC machine tool, thus reducing the dependency on external measurements.
  • 2005

    AAT develops RMI, “Remote Machine Interface” software and a TCP/IP common interface protocol to enable a fast and easy to set up interface between CAPPS software and a wide variety of machine controllers.
  • 2000s

    By the early 2000’s, CAPPS has over 100 different machine interfaces for DCC and manual CMM’s, as well as portable arm CMM’s and CNC machine tools.
  • 1996

    CappsNC continues its success in aerospace drill & trim applications with installations on 5-axis CNC machine tools at other aerospace manufacturers around the world.
  • 1993

    CAPPS software was introduced to machine tools as CappsNC for aerospace trim & drill part setup. NC best-fitting algorithms were developed, and detailed final inspection reports added.
  • 1991

    With the success of CAPPS, CMM manufacturers began to offer CAPPS with their CMMs. With multiple controller interfaces available, CAPPS is a universal CMM software for any CMM.
  • 1987

    • Ray Karadayi develops CAD based dimensional measurements software products for both on-line and off-line use.
    • Applied Automation Technologies was formed and incorporated in July 1987.
    • Ray Karadayi develops EDGES, “Expert DMIS Graphical Editor & Simulator” software as the first DMIS based graphical software for creating and editing DMIS measurement programs. EDGES software is AAT’s introduction as a dimensional metrology software company. CAPPS, “Computer Aided Part Programming Software” was being developed as the on-line and off-line next generation of EDGES.
    • Both software products were developed for PCs using the DOS platform. Even in DOS, the software products were 3D, multi-viewport interactive software packages.