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About Applied Automation Technologies

Applied Automation Technologies (AAT3D) is a global technology software company with offices and representatives around the world. AAT3D was incorporated in 1987.
AAT3D’s Smart Machining Innovation Center / Head Office is in Rochester Hills, MI.

Welcome to Applied Automation Technologies Head Office

Welcome to our Smart Machining Innovation Center.

AAT3D is the developer of universal metrology and automation software products; CappsNC for on-machine metrology and CappsDMIS for CMM based metrology.

CNC machine tool and CMM OEM’s around the world use our suite of software products. Installers can also install Capps software on existing equipment to accommodate a wide range of machine controllers and contact or non-contact probing technologies.
We can provide turnkey solutions for metrology programming and CNC machining automation cycles with metrology feedback for Smart Manufacturing.

CappsNC with a Keyence Laser

CappsNC with a Keyence Laser

AAT3D is engaged in innovation and meeting your Factory 4.0 goals through Smart Manufacturing using measurement data throughout the factory.

Measurement data gathered with on-machine probing on the production equipment enables automatic compensation of machining parameters when using our on-machine probing software, CappsNC. CappsNC helps produce accurate parts are while reducing scrap or rework. This also reduces the dependency on external measurement devices. As a result, CappsNC saved both time and money.
This is true Smart Manufacturing.