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A Little About Applied Automation Technologies

Applied Automation Technologies was incorporated in July 1987 in Michigan by Ray Karadayi for the purpose of developing CAD based dimensional measurement software products for both on-line and offline use.

Over the years, Applied Automation Technologies has remained a fully independent software company focused on the development of multiple products to suit the requirements of various dimensional measurement applications.
Thirty or so years ago, CAD based online dimensional measurement solutions didn’t exist. This generated a great deal of interest in CappsDMIS software from both end users and CMM OEMs. The demand for this technology allowed AAT to develop direct interfaces for numerous CMM controllers.
In later years, but long before the I++ protocol, AAT developed RMI; Remote Manufacturing Interface. RMI software and protocols allowed both AAT’s own software products and 3rd party software to interface directly with many CMM controllers via a common interface protocol. RMI can interface to most legacy CMM controllers. RMI-NC is the NC machine tool version of RMI and can connect to many machine tool controllers providing common interface capabilities.

Applied Automation Technologies Capps NC software

In the early 1990s, Applied Automation Technologies was approached by ASI Robotics™ (a major machine tool supplier for the aerospace industry), to incorporate our CappsNC software with their trim & drilling machine cells utilized in the manufacture of Boeing™ 777 aircraft. This collaboration allowed AAT to introduce CappsNC software for offline program development to any machining center. CappsNC gave the machining centers the ability to perform CMM quality measurements. The programs developed offline could run on the machining center with a true live interface to the controller, thus providing real time measurement results ensuring true “Adaptive Manufacturing with Direct Metrology Feedback”. One of AAT’s strongest strengths is based on the ability of CappsNC to connect to any machining center to provide real time metrology feedback to the controller.

Person operating a NC machine to make a part measured by Applied Automation Technologies CappsNC software

In this decade, the year 2022 with be Applied Automation Technologies’ 35th year as an independent software technology company.
Over the years, many software solutions for the measurement & manufacturing world, and will continue to do so as we remain focused on being the leader in innovation for metrology, quality assurance, and adaptive manufacturing systems.
We don’t make parts; we help you make parts better with Total Metrology Solutions for Adaptive Manufacturing Processes.

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