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Our Company

About our company.

Applied Automation Technologies is the developer of Capps software. Capps software is a metrology and automation software that allows programming in a single language to create programs that can inspect parts on CMMS and NC manufacturing machines. Manufacturers of CMMS and machine tools install AAT3D’s suite of software products on existing CMMs and NC machine tools and new CMMs & CNC machine tools.

We are committed to innovation and remaining a leader in developing metrology software UI/UX, system controller interfaces, and on-machine measuring software for closed-loop manufacturing.

Our Software

About our Software

Our Capps (Computer Aided Part Programming) software started as one of the first CAD based dimensional metrology software products. Due to of our innovation and hard work, Capps is now an industry leader in metrology software for CNC machine tools and CMMs. CappsNC enables CNC machines to perform CMM type measurements and provide real time measurement feedback. As a result, our software can achieve “Adaptive Manufacturing” with “Direct Metrology Feedback”. CappsDMIS software provides a universal CMM metrology solution for both retrofits and OEM installations.

For over 30 years, AAT3D has remained an independent software company focused on providing software solutions to the measurement & manufacturing sectors. AAT3D will remain focused on being a leader in innovation for metrology and adaptive manufacturing systems.

Our Customers

About our Customers

Our customers are global manufacturers who need to inspect parts and enable smart manufacturing throughout the manufacturing process. They build tool & dies, forgings, castings, molds, tool assemblies, machine, and 3D printed parts. These manufactured parts need to be measured. AAT3D is engaged in helping our customers enable Smart Manufacturing initiatives that are collaborative and integrated. Our solutions respond in real-time to the changing conditions and demands in the factory through measurement and data collection.

Our Partners

About our Partners

AAT3D enjoys partnerships all over the world. Our Capps software solutions can work with a wide variety of measuring devices and machining centers. Our partners are system integrators, machine builders, and machine distributors who include our Capps software solutions as a key part of their total system solutions. As a result, the expertise of our partners, combined with our own expertise, provides additional solutions to the customer.