CappsDMIS CMM Software

CappsDMIS CMM Software

AAT3D CappsDMIS CMM Software

CappsDMIS CMM Software
AAT3D CappsDMIS is a universal metrology software application for all CMMs.
CappsDMIS is developed to be an upwardly mobile dimensional metrology software with a strong graphics and CAD engine.
The graphical interface is comprised of complete CAD capability with an easy- to- use TreeView, a powerful DMIS based programming language.
CappsDMIS can directly import a wide variety of CAD formats.
It also provides a flexible reporting environment for reports as you need them.

With over 30 years of evolution, CappsDMIS have led the way in CAD based metrology software.

CappsDMIS also provides:

  • On-line & off-line programming with CAD Models
  • Touch, Analog & non-contact sensors
  • Plug & Play with most controllers
  • ANSI and ISO compliant GD&T
  • Embedded SPC reporting or 3rd party SPC
CappsDMIS CMM Software with a variety of CMM styles
AAT3D CappsDMIS software with Renishaw Revo 5-axis probe head

CappsDMIS Advantages