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CappsDMIS Metrology Software

AAT CappsDMIS CMM Software is one of the first, if not the first, CAD based online CMM software. AAT developed CappsDMIS to be an upwardly mobile dimensional metrology software with a strong graphics engine, complete CAD capability with an easy to use TreeView, a powerful DMIS based programming language, and a flexible reporting environment. With over 30 years of evolution, CappsDMIS and CappsNC have led the way in CAD based metrology software.
AAT also offers several products derived from AAT CappsDMIS CMM Software system to better serve specific needs of customers.

CappsDMIS Advanced CMM Software

CappsDMIS Advanced is AAT’s full featured dimensional metrology software solution.

Programs can be created either online or offline with complete simulation tools.

Advanced collision detection, such as automatic insertion of clearance points and other advanced programming features, take care of the tedium of CMM programing leaving you to concentrate on other metrology challenges that your part may present.

When creating a program in CappsDMIS, the program is displayed real time in either a simplified tree view or in a DMIS editor.
Features can quickly and easily be extracted from a CAD model and used to create automatic measurement paths; all simply recorded to your program while in Learn Mode.

Direct CAD interfaces are supported for CATIA, UG, ProE, Parasolid, and VDA (extra licensing required).
Not only is CAD data graphically displayed in CappsDMIS, but it is also displayed by layer in an interactive TreeView. CAD models and alignments can be mirrored and further exported as IGES or STEP files.

The latest technologies, such as 5-axis probing/scanning, as well as laser scanners and vision sensors are fully supported with accurate graphical models created from within an easy to use interface.
Full analog scanning probe usage and calibration functions are supported (scanning module extra). CappsDMIS has full support for Renishaw™ MCR, SCR, FCR and ACR change racks.

With extensive programming tools, a powerful CAD interface, advanced alignment methods as well as complete ANSI/ISO compliant GD&T functions, CappsDMIS Advanced is your solution for comprehensive dimensional metrology applications.

AAT CappsDMIS CMM Software Version 8.0
CappsNC Advanced

CappsDMIS Basic+ CMM Software

CappsDMIS Basic+ is a complete CAD based dimensional metrology software for geometric features.

Parts can be measured with or without CAD models.

Full DMIS programs can be quickly and easily created.
CappsDMIS Basic+ is a great middle ground dimensional metrology software providing much of the capability of CappsDMIS Advanced without the advanced CAD functionality.

AAT CappsDMIS CMM Software Version 8.0 Basic +

CappsDMIS Powerfully Simple CMM Software

CappsDMIS PS provides the “best bang for the buck” solution for tight budgets or lighter requirements while being “Powerfully Simple”.

CappsDMIS PS may be a simplified version but it is not limited in non-CAD programming.

CAD models of the part can be imported, however used only for display and are not interactive.

All standard geometric feature measurements are supported in manual or DCC programs with automatic or manual calibration of both fixed and indexing heads (5-axis not supported).

All basic construction methods are fully supported as well as all basic alignment functions.

All basic GD&T functions are supported.

DMIS programming is accomplished through teach and the TreeView without the advanced DMIS Editor. Extensive reporting options, including graphical reports, are all supported.

CappsDMIS With Revo

CappsDMIS Installations

CappsDMIS is available for conventional CMMS, portable arm CMMS, and Renishaw™ Equators; new or existing.

Many plug & play interfaces have been created to integrate into your existing equipment.

If your controller is old or unreliable, a Renishaw™ UCC may be used in a retrofit scenario.

Depending on your machine, it may be capable of 5-axis measurement with the Renishaw™ UCC.
Contact AAT Sales with your specific needs and we can find a solution best for you.

Renishaw UCC2

Rensihaw Equator with AAT CappsDMIS CMM Software

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