AAT3D Documents & Whitepapers

AAT3D Documents & Whitepapers

AAT3D Smart Machining Process

Smart Machining Process

See how you can make your machining process a Smart Machining Process with AAT3D and CappsNC software.

AAT3D Documents & Whitepapers

What Is Smart Manufacturing?

Smart manufacturing is a topic that is being increasingly spoken about in the industry, as more and more business owners explore the advantages and efficiencies associated with going down this route.

AAT3D Documents & Whitepapers

Industry 4.0

A high-end metrology platform like CappsNC can perform all CMM tasks directly on a NC machine. CappsNC uses a separate PC that is connected to the NC machine tool via Ethernet. This dedicated PC performs all the measurement calculations. On-machine measurement programs can be created offline in familiar DMIS language with collision avoidance and program simulations. 

AAT3D Documents & Whitepapers

Enabling Smart Machining Through On-Machine Probing

Smart Machining & smart factory manufacturing can improve on efficiency.
The primary goal of any shop is manufacturing dimensionally accurate parts at minimum cost.

AAT3D Documents & Whitepapers

Industry 4.0 Smart Factory - Adaptive Manufacturing with Metrology Feedback

There are a lot of different technologies and pieces of equipment that have revolutionized the manufacturing industry, and CNC measurement with machine probing software certainly falls into this category. This is a form of metrology software that will operate on machine tools so that metrology information is produced directly onto the machine through the use of on-machine probing.

AAT3D Documents & Whitepapers

In Process Measurement of Die & Mold for high precision manufacturing and repair processes

Manufacturing a high precision die is a long process that requires dimensional measurement at multiple phases. Traditionally, this is done by a Coordinate Measuring Machines located at a controlled environment. 

AAT3D Documents & Whitepapers

Innovations in Machine Tool in Process Measurement and Feedback with Metrology Close Loop

As the demand to manufacture more complex parts with higher accuracy at lower costs is increasing, measuring parts where they are made is becoming very important and more common practice in the industry. 

AAT3D Documents & Whitepapers

Blue Light Laser Sensor Integration and Point Cloud Metrology within the Manufacturing System

Dimensional measurement has been used to as a part of a manufacturing system for many years and measurement and manufacturing systems are being brought ever closer to meet the current production requirements with the advent of things such as a blue light laser sensor. 

AAT3D In Modern Machine Shop Article About Probing Feedback

AAT3D In Modern Machine Shop Article Opportunities for machining automation can extend beyond moving or handling parts. When the application is right, using feedback loops between measuring devices and CNCs for automatic, in-process corrections can bring the promise of the interconnected shop floor down to the level of the individual workzone. Add functions such as automatic report generation, and these systems operate like miniature, self-contained “smart factories,” where traditionally siloed production and quality control processes merge. As such, self-correcting feedback loops could be implemented, either as an introduction to data-driven workflows or as an addition to already digitalized shop floors. Download