CappsDMIS Dual Arm

CappsDMIS Dual Arm CMM

Dual Arm CMM

CappsDMIS Dual Arm CMM allows two horizontal arms can be connected via TCP/IP to work in concert where data can be shared between both arms to measure features, generate coordinate systems and CMM reports.

Using CappsDMIS Dual Arm CMM software, programs can be mirrored to be used on either arm with full collision avoidance.

  • Connect 2 horizontal arms using the TCP/IP protocol
  • Create overall WCS (World Coordinate System) for machine
  • Automatically broadcast and share data between two horizontal arms
  • Generate alignments by combining data measured on each arm
  • Complete collision avoidance, including collision avoidance of the two arms
  • Share programs between arms using mirror function so that either arm can run a program
  • Generate reports from the combined data of both horizontal arms
CappsDMIS Dual Arm