CappsDMIS & Renishaw™ Equator

CappsDMIS Equator


CappsDMIS Equator is specially adapted to the the Renishaw™ Equator. The Renishaw™ Equator is a high speed comparative gauge to quickly compare a part to a “master” or “golden” part.
All Equator cal file capabilities are also available in CappsDMIS Equator, such as CMM Compare, Feature Compare or Golden Compare to create the required *.cal files.
Communication with the Renishaw™ Equator is handled seamlessly though an Ethernet port.

  • Communication using  an Ethernet port on the Equator controller
  • Programs are generated using standard DMIS code
  • CappsDMIS Equator contains both master and measure functions
  • Can also be used on CMM to generate calibration files
CappsDMIS Equator Calibration Files

Equator with Automation Program Manager

The CappsDMIS Equator Automation Program Manager automates the Renishaw ™ Equator with a simple shop floor interface. The Equator can be used as a simple “go/No Go” gauge with a simple screen indicating the status reducing the time required for operators to read a CMM report.
Multiple Renishaw™ Equators can be managed from a single location through Ethernet connectivity.

  • Front end application designed for shop floor environments
  • Configurable user accounts for access management
  • Go/No Go screen for simple quick status information
  • Reports can be displayed after the program is finished
  • Ethernet based application that can manage multiple machines from one location
CappsDMIS Equator Automation Program Manager