Aerospace Applications

CappsNC Aerospace Applications

CappsNC Aerospace Applications.
AAT3D created CappsNC as a solution for large-scale aerospace manufacturing. As a result, it can easily integrate with large custom machines, including drill & Trim machines.

When working with composites for aircraft wing parts, the sheer size alone can make the part flexible. As a result, the parts require complex fixturing and lengthy setups before manufacturing can process the part.

CappsNC with NC-Fit can reduce the cost and complexity of fixturing and can reduce the time required to fixture a part. CappsNC can measure the part before cutting and automatically modifying the cutting path to the actual measured part with NC-Fit and reposting the modified program.

Your machine tool can now perform double duty as a large-scale machine tool and a CMM without removing the part from the fixture.

What is Capps NC-Fit?

NC-FIT is a re-posting software that adapts 5-axis NC programs to part orientations and shapes.

  • Works with data generated by CappsNC
  • CappsNC with NCFIT can simulate NC cutting programs for graphical verification
  • Real time interface with laser scanners
  • Can work with very large point cloud data
  • Imports/Exports to standard file formats
  • Gets exact geometry from a point-cloud
  • NC-Fit can extract both curves and prismatic features from a point-cloud
  • CappsNC NC-Fit compares actual measured point cloud data to CAD data
  • NC-Fit supports multi-sensor systems
CappsNC Aerospace Manufacturing NC-Fit

Aerospace Manufacturing - CappsNC & NC-Fit

In-process Posting of G-code

Large composite aircraft parts, such as wing components, require a trim and drill process.

The part is large and flexible, this can deform the part even with elaborate fixturing. If it is not compensated for, the deformation of the part could lead to expensive scrap. This is due to creating the cutting program from a CAD model rather than the actual part location and deformation.

CappsNC with NC-Fit can used to perform part profile laser scanning and fitting of the scanned data. The point cloud data gathered from the laser scan can analyze the deviation of the actual measured part to CAD and fit to the actual measured shape and location. The cutting program, including the machine motion path and head angles, changes to cut to the ACTUAL measured part and re-posted to the machine as a new cutting program.

CappsNC Point Cloud Surface Deviation
CappsNC Autocreate Scanning Program
CappsNC Measured Part Profile Deviation

Adapting 5-Axis NC Head Orientation

Depending on the measured part deviation from the nominal program, the probe head might not be in the correct orientation or position. There may errors because of this mismatch.
CappsNC can correct the head orientations to match the actual measured part and repost the program.

CappsNC Aerospace Manufacturing NC-Fit Head Correction



Corrected and re-posted

Adapting Machine Motion to Part Shape

Once NC-Fit has fit the shape and location, the programed nominal motion may no longer be correct for the actual measured part. CappsNC NC-Fit can correct the program.
During the automatic creation of a corrected program to be reposted, CappsNC NC-Fit can correct the machine motion to the measured actual part.

Aerospace cutting path corrected with NC-Fit