DataView Feedback

DataView Feedback is a data display and feedback software developed to monitor trends of feature measurements on different CMMs and NC machines from one central location and send feedback to NC machines to correct for any deviations in the tool offset.

A simple yet highly configurable tabbed interface shows all the data as it is real-time.
Data can be read real-time from a number of CMM or NC on machine probing cycles from within the factory, or even from the cloud.

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DataView Feedback Diagram
DataView Feedback Diagram

Data View Feedback will generate/append the graph after each time program execution is completed. The actual value of the reported feature from the last run will be displayed. Features from connected machines will be separated by boxes.

AAT3D Dataview Feedback
AAT3D Dataview Feedback
AAT3D DataView Feedback Graphs
AAT3D DataView Feedback Graphs

Data View Feedback uses String variables and mathematical formulas to calculate the deviation in tool offset. The formulas can easily be customized. Tool offset correction feedback is sent to the NC controller using AATRMI.

DataView Fedback Tool Offset
DataView Feedback Tool Offset
  • In process automation
  • Connects to multiple measurement sources simultaneously
  • Feeds offset data to multiple NC machines
  • Highly configurable feedback strategy
  • Receives and tracks important variables from multiple machines

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