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What is Capps?
Capps stands for “Computer Aided Part Programming System”.

There are 2 basic versions of Capps software :
CappsNC on-machine probing software lets you create measurement data directly on the CNC machine tool. That resulting data can then be shared with all manufacturing devices, ensuring manufacturing facilities are running as efficiently as possible. The end result is Smart Manufacturing.

CappsDMIS is a universal metrology software solution for co-ordinate measuring machines. It is compatible with a large number of controllers. As a result, it is an ideal retrofit solution to breathe new life into your CMM.

Both CappsDMIS and CappsNC share these features:

Software Description

AAT3D Software Products


CappsNC is designed for on-machine probing on NC machines to allow the programming of inspection routines in the familiar DMIS language. The inspection program is automatically converted to G-Code and posted to the NC machine tool. The NC machine tool then carries out the inspection and returns the data to CappsNC for analysis and reporting. CappsNC after the analysis of data, CappsNC can send the required offsets back to the machine tool for truly Smart Manufacturing. CappsNC supports numerous machine probing technologies such as Renishaw™,BLUM, Marposs, and Heidenhein, as well as non-contact laser scanning probes. See more...
AAT3D Software Products


CappsDMIS is software designed for use with CMM, Renishaw™ Equator , and portable arm CMMs. CappsDMIS supports standard touch probes, Renishaw™ 5-axis probe heads with PH20 and Revo, as well as various non-contact laser head. See more...
AAT3D Software Products


DataView Feedback is a data display and feedback software developed to monitor trends of feature measurements on different CMMs and NC machines from one central location and send feedback to NC machines to correct for any deviations in the tool offset. See more...
CappsNC Products and Flow for Smart Manufacturing

New Features

Powerful, yet easy to use interface

CappsNC & CappsDMIS Powerful New Interface

In the upcoming Capps 8.0 release, an entirely new clean & efficient interface has been created. As a result, use and navigation much quicker & easier.
As many people are familiar with ribbon interfaces in Microsoft Office, this familiar ribbon interface make using CappsNC & CappsDMIS that much more intuitive.
The ribbon interface helps you keep focused by organizing related functions into tabs on the ribbon bar. This organization results in a huge reduction of the need to go to multiple locations in the software to accomplish a single task.

New & Improved CAD Engine

CappsNC & CappsDMIS New & improved CAD Engine

New & improved CAD engine with better graphics, multiple simultaneous views and advanced options make working with CAD quicker and easier. This results in  faster programming tasks in CappsNC & CappsDMIS which in turn saves time and money.

Extensive Alignment Options

CappsNC & CappsDMIS Extensive Alignment Options

Extensive alignment options are a click away.
Everything from simple alignment setups and 3-2-1 alignments to more complex 3D Best-Fit alignments are all available in an intuitive, easy to use interface. These advanced alignment tools are also available in CappsNC, allowing your CNC machine to perform double duty as both a cutting tool and advanced CMM. This provides immediate feedback, resulting in more time available for  cutting and less machine idle time waiting for results from the CMM lab.

Full Reporting Capabilities

CappsNC & CappsDMIS Comprehensive Reporting

Both traditional textural reports and graphical reports can be quickly and easily generated. You can cut a part and inspect a part on the same NC machine and provide reports ready to send to the customer.