CapsDMIS Airfoil & Blade

CappsDMIS Airfoil and Blade Analysis

CappsDMIS Airfoil and Blade Analysis is a tool to study scan data. Airfoil and Blade gathers the from airfoils and blades using scanning probes or laser.

CappsDMIS can gather scan data through known scans on CAD or unknown scans on parts. CappsDMIS gathers the data using either analog scanning such as the Renishaw™ Revo  or non-contact laser scanning such as the Keyence Laser.

You control the point density and other scan parameters in the CappsDMIS scanning interface. To make sure the scan is crash free, CappsDMIS can run a full scan preview with crash detection.

5-axis technology such as the Renishaw™ Revo allows CappsDMIS to run section scans with detailed leading and trailing edges. Because of a full scan, Airfoil Blade and Analysis can report advanced blade tolerances.

Reporting specific to blades is possible with CappsDMIS Airfoil and Blade Analysis. Airfoil and Blade can report items such as the leading edge data and the trailing edge data of each scanned section.

  • Automatically generate scan paths from CAD model
  • Full path adjustability with Unknown scan path options
  • Offline simulation of scan path execution
  • Control data density based on scan increment or point density
CappsDMIS Airfoil and Blade analysis