CappsDMIS Probe Interfaces

CappsDMIS Probe Interface

CappsDMIS Probe Interface supports a wide variety of sensors. CappsDMIS is a multi-sensor CMM software.

Renishaw PH20 5-axis probe head with CappsDMIS

  • Automatic probe definitions using probe model files.
  • Create accurate models and probe definitions of all Renishaw and TESA probes from an easy UI

Nikon Laser on Renishaw PH10 for use with CappsDMIS

  • Works with PH10, MH20i, RTP20, PH20 and Revo available as an option.
  • Analog probe calibrations for SP25, SP600, SP80 (Optional with scanning module)

Renishaw Revo 5-axis prober head and CappsDMIS

  • Support for multi-stylus configuration with automatic calibration
  • Support for MCR, SCR, FCR, ACR tool changers using tool/tip changer option

CappsDMIS with PH20 probe
CappsDMIS with PH20 probe

CappsDMIS Advantages