CappsDMIS Universal CMM Software

CappsDMIS – Universal Metrology Software

CappsDMIS – Universal Metrology Software is your complete CMM metrology software solution.
CappsDMIS supports Renishaw ™ CMM touch and scanning probes as well probing technologies from a number of manufacturers.
As a retrofit solution, CappsDMIS works with a wide variety of controllers – making it a true Universal Metrology Software.

CappsDMIS on CMM with engine block

  • CAPPS DMIS is a CAD based metrology software for all measuring machines
  • Intuitive user interface allows on machine or offline programming with CAD models
  • Powerful DMIS programming environment with high level variable-based commands
  • Automatic inspection plan generation directly from CAD
  • Offline programming capabilities for program generation and simulations
  • Virtual machine models with multi-port graphical user interface

CappsDMIS CMM Metrology Software with a Renishaw PH20 5-axis probe

  • Automatic probe path generation for geometric features, curves and surfaces
  • Powerful geometric feature fitting with advanced filter and configurations
  • Advanced curve scanning, digitization, curve and surface capabilities
  • Feature construction for geometric features, curves and surfaces
  • Advanced Alignment and Coordinate Frame methods including 3D-Bestfit
  • Complete GD&T Tolerance with ANSI and ISO compliant calculations

AAT3D CappsDMIS software with Renishaw Revo 5-axis probe head

  • Direct interfaces with to Renishaw, Pantec and Deva controllers
  • Plug & Play interfaces with most legacy controllers
  • Multi sensor interface with touch, analog, laser and vision sensors.
  • 5 Axis head interface with automatic path generations
  • Embedded SPC Reporting options; Direct SPC interface options for 3rd party SPC packages
  • Multiple Report Output Formats Excel, PDF, RTF, HTML

CappsDMIS Advantages