CappsNC Geo

CappsNC - Geo

CappsNC Geo

CappsNC – Geo is on-machine measurement and feedback software for prismatic applications.

With CappsNC Geo you can create CMM Style Part Measurement on Machine Tools by programming from CAD models.
Measure surfaces by manually moving the probe to desired locations and comparing to CAD in real time.
CappsNC Geo includes advanced collision avoidance for all CAD and Probe elements in the graphics to prevent probe crashes.
Automatic path Generation for 2D features and surface points along a grid or sections.
Graphical reporting options with confetti and templates.
Programs can easily be developed offline and then connected to NC an machine for real time execution and reporting.

Measurement Options

  • Measurement of entities: includes ALL Geometric features
  • Automatic extraction of geometric features from CAD model and PMI
  • Constructions of geometric and user defined entities
  • Curves & Surface options are not available on GEO

GD&T Reporting

  • Profile tolerancing and reporting for points, curves & surfaces
  • Form tolerancing and reporting
  • Graphical Report Templates
  • Export to Excel

Geometric Features

  • Geometric feature fitting, best-fit, least minimum square and other
  • Automatic multi-axis measurement path generation
  • Datum definitions, multiple datum and coordinate frame management


  • Advanced alignment options: 3-2-1, 3D Best-fit, RPS
  • Apply alignment on CAD models


  • Calibrate probes to calculate probe effective radius, runouts and lobing errors
  • Create automatic calibrations for a grid of points on the master ball
  • Create dedicated calibrations to best fit the measurement program
  • Options to work with Renishaw™ Sprint scanning probes and Laser line scanners

Options - Not included in Standard Release

  • Work offset compensation for XYZ and rotations of part alignment
  • Cutting tool compensation
  • 5 axis automatic indexing for the table or spindle