CappsNC Laser & Analog Scanning

CappsNC Laser & Analog Scanning

Laser and Analog Scanning

CappsNC Laser and Analog Scanning.
In some applications, reverse engineering of the actual part shape is necessary to create a custom cutting program. In this case, the measurement data collected by CappsNC, such as the point clouds or extracted curves and geometrical features generated from a laser line scanner or analog scanning probe can be exported to a CAM system to create a custom cutting program for the parts exact location and shape. 

Other applications require high density point clouds to provide the necessary data density for detailed analysis.

  • Laser sensor is integrated with the NC machine for point cloud data collection
  • Automatic point cloud to CAD model comparison and profile error reports are created
  • Geometric features, as well as curves, are calculated automatically for GD&T and profile reports
  • Real time interface with laser scanners
  • Can work with millions of points data
  • Imports/Exports to standard file formats
  • Extract geometry from point cloud
  • Generate curves from point cloud data
  • Compare a point cloud to CAD data
  • Multi-sensor system
CappsNC Laser & Analog Scanning