CappsNC Programming Station

CappsNC Programming Station


Programming Station

CappsNC Programming Station is an offline software with realistic virtual machine models, optimum 5-axis path generation and automatic built in collision avoidance. Measurement programs, including all NC feedback commands, can be developed and simulated with realistic 3D simulations. Measurement results from single, or multiple machines, can be imported for further offline analysis.  Programs created in the Programming Station are sent to the machine via a network to be run by the Execution Module.

  • Generate DMIS measurement programs from the CAD model, offline, using virtual machine models
  • Graphically build tools for any probe multi-stylus and laser sensor. Calibrate probes to cutting tools
  • Complete metrology, GD&T and report programming
  • Automatic collision avoidance and 5 Axis programming
  • Advanced coordinate system and work-offset feedback
  • Program CAM automation and tool compensation strategy
  • Can accept measurement results from multiple machines for further offline analysis
  • Can work with AAT License Manager for flexible licensing
CappsNC Programming Station