CappsNC NC-Fit Laser Example

The Goal

Accurate drilling & trimming on a very large composite part

The Challenge

Part is very large and non-rigid, taking a long time to setup.

The Solution

Leverage CAPPSNC & NCFIT with laser scanning and MPF Reposting

CappsNC NC-Fit Laser Example

  1. Create a laser scanning measurement program
    Scanning Program
    Automatic program generation from a MPF program over the trimming path:
      • Automatic head angles selection
      • Full Program simulation
      • Data point generation for analysis

  1.  Part scanning measurement
    Scan part trim lines
      • Convert scanning program into MPF
      • Execute MPF program on machine
      • Real time live feedback to load point cloud data

  2.  Point Cloud rendering
    Render point clouds onto surface
      • Use CAPPSNC Rendering option
      • Convert point cloud into triangulated surfaces

  3.  Part shape analysis
    Compare GCode data points to part shape
      • Use EXTRACT to analyze all G-Code data points to scan data
      • Visualize data for a better understanding

  4.  Re-post G-Code program
    Repost newly generated program
      • Automatically convert original NC program by comparing each line with the part scan data
      • Create new NC program by applying changes for 5 axis parameters to match the program to actual part Shape & Location
NC-Fit Laser Scanning -Automatic program generation from a MPF program
NC-Fit Point Cloud Rendering
NC-Fit Feature extraction from point cloud