CappsNC Coordinate Systems & Work Offsets

Coordinate Systems & Offsets

Create complex coordinate systems & offsets without the complexities G-Code.
CappsNC provides the flexibility and simplicity of a CMM type software with a graphical interface and automatic translation to G-Code making your once complex offsets now a simple task.

Coordinate Systems & Offsets
  • Powerful coordinate system options
  • Iterative alignments with machine or CAD model data
  • 3D Best-fit alignments with constraints using nominal data or CAD data
  • Automatic upload of coordinate system to work offsets
    • G54.4
    • TCP
    • Traori
    • Euler
  • Apply table offsets to bring part in position with tool
  • Graphics display of active work offset, part and machine coordinate systems
  • Absolute or fine adjustments
  • Re-post NC programs into exact profile and locations of non-rigid parts
CappsNC Coordinate Systems and Offsets to machine

CappsNC Advantages