CappsNC Multiple Sensor Interfaces

CappsNC Multiple Sensor Interfaces

Multiple Sensor Interfaces within CappsNC  on machine probing software can interface with an extremely wide variety of sensors from touch probes to analog scanning probes to non-contact laser scanners.

Different process and materials used in CNC machining can differ greatly. A standard CNC touch probe might be perfect for a simple metal prismatic part. Increased point density may be required for an usually shaped surface, requiring scanning probes.
Extremely high point density may be needed for a part, in which case laser probes might offer the best solution.
Whatever sensors your on-machine probing needs, our on-machine probing software can interface with them. If you do not see your on-machine probing below, then contact us to discuss.

Sensor Interfaces in CappsNC

CappsNC Multiple Sensor Interfaces - Keyence laser

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