CappsNC Measure-Cut-Measure

CappsNC Measure – Cut – Measure

CappsNC Measure – Cut – Measure is true Smart Manufacturing by fully automating the machining process with true closed loop control.
Using closed loop control, metrology data can be fed back to CappsNC, deciding if a part is in tolerance and going to the next, or applying dynamic tool comp to cut the part again – reducing scrap/rework.

  • Automate machining process with Closed Loop Control
  • Automatically decide if a part is in tolerance and go to the next
  • Calculate true dynamic tool-comp including tool pressure errors and re-run the operation
  • Measure-Cut-Measure process makes sure part is finished within tolerance without overcut
  • Automatic loop option offsets both measurement and cut programs based on CAD model
AAT3D CappsNC Measure-cut-measure

CappsNC Advantages