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On-Machine Probing

CappsNC is a metrology software that works on any machine tool to produce metrology information directly on the machine through on-machine probing and use this information to enable smart machining and generate measurement reports.

Multi-View graphics provides a UI programming environment to make it very easy to create programs for any machine tool configuration.
Once the program is generated, CappsNC can connect with most machine tool controllers with a real time direct interface. A G-Code program is created from the DMIS program so that the machine tool can be used to measure in the same manner as regular cutting programs by the operator or by an automation cycle.
A live 3D simulation is displayed in CappsNC graphics and calculations are performed as soon as data is collected. The calculated metrology characteristics, such as best-fitting a data set to a CAD model, are used as a part of the on-the-fly decision making and written back to the machine tool controller as a part of the adaptive machining cycle.

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Benefits of On-Machine Probing

On-machine probing is an important step towards improving efficiency. By not having to remove the part from the CNC machine and take the part to the quality lab for measurement, multiple steps and time are saved.
In many cases as soon as a part is removed from the CNC machine, it cannot be placed back in the exact location, so if the part is found to be incorrect in the metrology lab, the part may not be able to be saved. With on-machine probing, “cut-measure-cut” can be performed using the on-machine metrology tools and direct metrology feedback within CappsNC, avoiding scrap.
If a part is to be taken to the quality lab for inspection, depending on both the complexity of the part and the workload in the quality lab, the inspection process in the lab may take additional time and will certainly take manpower.
Through on-machine probing with CappsNC on-machine metrology software, scrap can be avoided, time can be saved and manpower requirements can be reduced – all combining to create a cost savings.

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