CappsNC - on-machine measurement goals

On Machine Measurement Goals

There are three main goals to achieve with CNC on-machine measurement using CappsNC on-machine probing software.

On-machine probing pre-process setup

''Pre-process'' Machine Setup

  • Easy & Precise Part Setup and CNC machine axis diagnostics
  • CAPPSNC PreProcess on-machine probing approach allows users to set specific Work and Tool offsets before the machining process
On-machine probing in-process adaptive manufacturing

''In-process'' Machining Process Real-time Execution

  • Adaptive Manufacturing - Program corrections during machining with Real-time in-process feedback through on-machine probing
  • Sensor Calibration, real-time execution, reporting feedback and live process corrections
on-machine probing post process quality reports

''Post-process'' Quality Reports

  • Create detailed quality reports on the machine and SPC analysis with metrology data “BIGDATA”
  • All metrology data can be logged on the machine for further Statistical Process Control and analyses
  • NC feedback data created automatically at the end of the process through on-machine probing.

CappsNC Advantages