CappsNC Machine Geometry

Measuring and Monitoring Machine Tool Geometry

The measurement and monitoring of CNC machine tool geometry is critical to producing accurate parts. The critical geometry includes not just the machine, but also the head and the table.
The CNC machine tool head and machine tool table must be monitored on a regular basis to ensure machine accuracy when making parts.
Simple test programs incorporating the Tetra-Gage Ball Bar System can easily be written in CappsNC on-machine probing software to help you better monitor your machine geometry.

CNC Machine Tool Geometry

  • Monitor  as well as measure CNC machine geometry errors as 
  • Measure table rotation axis directions and center offsets
  • Measure head rotation axis directions and pivot point offsets
  • Use tooling balls, special gages and masters
    • Apply corrections for detected errors
    • Make corrections with real-time feedback
    • Adapt cutting tool programs to actual machine geometry
CappsNC with Tetra-Gage

Geometry Verification with Tetra-Gage

The Tetra-Gage Ball bar system is a quick and easy way to verify your CNC machine geometry.
The Tetra-Gage replicates some of the B-89 ball bar positions without the fuss and difficulty of securely locating a ball bar in the correct position. When combined with the capabilities of CappsNC on-machine probing software, you have a quick and highly effective method of monitoring important machine geometry.

CappsNC Measuring a Tetra-Gage

Geometry Verification

  • Very quick verification of machine tool geometry
  • Calculates CNC machine linear, squareness errors
  • Tracks machine geometry changes due temperature effects
  • Detects any sudden changes due impact or overloads
  • On-machine probing routine can be automated
  • Traceable lab calibrated gage
  • With CappsNC, creates database to track historical changes on machine performance
  • Real time and automated alarm generation

CappsNC Advantages