CappsNC Machine Configurations

CappsNC Machine Configurations

CappsNC Machine Configurations support an extremely wide variety of CNC machines for your on-machine probing and Smart Manufacturing needs.

At Applied Automation Technologies Inc., we understand that manufacturing needs and equipment can vary greatly. In quite a number of cases, custom purpose-built CNC equipment. Our on-machine probing software supports a large variety of machine configurations. If your particular machine configuration is not listed below, simply ask us and we probably have the ability to create a configuration for your machine.

CappsNC Supported CNC Machine Configurations

  • 2+ Axis Turning Machines
  • 3 Axis Machines
  • 3+1 Axis Machines
  • 5 Axis Trunion Table
  • 5 Axis Head Machines
  • Mill Turn Machines
  • Double Turret Machines
  • Tricept Machines
  • Additive & Hybrid Machines
  • Water-Jet and Laser Machines
  • Robots
CappsNC Machine Configurations

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